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PixelFlow Tasks are a simple way to track progress  in a postproduction environment.   

Use tasks to keep track of information related to editorial changes. Create  tasks from the project preview screen. You can assign a comment as a task or just create a new one from scratch.  

A list of outstanding tasks are displayed on the project homepage and your open tasks are displayed on the left hand sidebar.  

A typical workflow works like this:
  • Upload a new video and share with a customer or invite coworkers to submit feedback.
  • If you work in a team, usually one person should be designated to assign tasks to project members. Otherwise, assign tasks to yourself by clicking the assign as task button next to the comment.
  • The assignee will receive a notification and see the task appear on there PixelFlow sidebar. A list of tasks can be opened as a spreadsheet and printed from the task list tab.
  • The Project Manager monitors the completion of tasks from the Project Homepage so they can be reviewed and marked complete.
  • The tasks list can later be used for management reporting or customer billing purposes.


This article explains an example workflow that makes use of tasks for tracking progress across multiple concurrent projects.
Used for
  • Review
  • Collaboration
  • Organization