Payment Process

Things to know

PixelFlow pricing is based on monthly upload and total storage. You select a plan and commitment timeframe that best suit your needs. Discounts are applied to quarterly, semi-annual and yearly commitments at 5%, 10% and 15%, respectively. If you exceed your monthly upload, you are prompted to upgrade your plan or apply a payment.

How it works

As video is uploaded to your Account, the total size of those files are counted during a monthly cycle. When you have exceed the monthly upload for your plan (200MB for the Free plan) you are prompted to upgrade. Your upload counter is reset at the end of each monthly cycle.

Payments are applied at the beginning of each commitment period. When you exceed the upload for your plan during the monthly cycle, you are prompted to update your plan. To continue uploading to PixelFlow at this point, you may:
  • 1) Apply payment and stay with the same plan.
  • 2) Upgrade your plan.


By entering payment details, you are authorizing PixelFlow to make a recurring charge against your credit card beginning on the date the first payment is made and recurring each time your commitment has finished. Whenever a payment is applied, the monthly cycle and upload counter for your Account are reset.

If a user other than the Account owner attempts an upload after the plan limit has been exceeded or the last payment failed, an error is displayed and the Account owner is notified via email. When the owner logs in to a Account whose limits have been exceeded, they are prompted to upgrade their plan.


The monthly cycle and upload counter is reset whenever your plan is upgraded. Your credit card will be charged based on the plan and commitment you choose. If you do not have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to enter one.

Modifying your commitment or plan during a commitment period results in the price of the new commitment being reduced by the remaining value of the current commitment.

Residual value is based on the number of whole months of time remaining in your current commitment. For example, lets say you are 6 weeks into a 3 month commitment and you choose to upgrade. The first payment on the new commitment will be reduced by the cost of 1 month of your current commitment. It is reduced by the cost of 1 month because that is the value remaining in your current commitment for which you have already paid.

Downgrading and cancellation

You may downgrade your plan at any time to a plan that supports your current storage. Downgrading a plan does not incur a new charge until the current commitment has completed.

We do not retain your credit card number or CVV in our system. To cancel the recurring billing on your credit card, delete sufficient storage and switch to the Free plan. This will cancel the recurring billing on the card.

Changing credit cards will also cancel the recurring billing on the current credit card.

Plan Management

PixelFlow Plan Management provides 4 basic functions:
  • 1) Upgrade. You can upgrade your plan at any time. If there is time remaining on your current commitment, this value is credited to the upgrade.
  • 2) Downgrade. You can downgrade your plan at any time, given the new plan supports your current storage. The downgrade takes effect once the current commitment timeframe has finished.
  • 3) Apply Payment. If you exceed the monthly upload for your plan, you can apply a payment in order to reset the upload counter and monthly cycle date. Residual value in your current commitment is applied and a new commitment period is started.
  • 4) Change your commitment. Modifying your commitment takes effect once your current commitment is complete.

Promo codes

Applying a promo code automatically updates the Account plan and sets the next payment due date to a point in time in the future, depending on the promotion.


PixelFlow reserves the right to lock Accounts, users logins and access to content for delinquent accounts at its sole discretion.

PixelFlow does not provide refunds on commitments or payments and it is your responsibility to keep your plan and payment information up to date. Our sole recourse is to provide complimentary service in the event of a dispute.

Contact PixelFlow Support with any issues or questions.
Other Info